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Featured Games

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    A new Android game with episodes of fun math puzzles. Read More
  • Unscramble This!

    A cooperative multiplayer game for building a strong vocabulary in a fun way. Read More
  • Spell Me Right

    Play this innovative spelling game for hours of mind-tingling fun. Use it to prepare for spelling bees.... Read More
  • Pool HD

    Play a round of 8-ball pool with realistic physics simulation. Large screen area. Touch to aim and shoot the white ball.... Read More
  • Driving Edge

    Drivers Ed. Ace your DMV test by preparing with DrivingEdge. Pass drivers exam... Read More
  • Power Citizen

    Play PowerCitizen and learn essential facts about U.S. that you should know... Read More
  • Power Vocab

    One of the top games on Android Market for building a strong vocabulary in a fun way. Read More

Cloud Gaming Platform

Enable Multiplayer Gaming
Make a single player game into a multiplayer game without writing any server code.
Player Matching
Create matches with friends, with random players, with known users.
Exchange In-Game Messages
Communicate turns between players, game moves, chat messages, notifications, and more.
Engage and Achieve
Add levels and achievements as well as allow players to share and brag about their skills.